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07.03.20, 11:50:00

„Meinen Geburtstag feiere ich schon lang nicht mehr“, sagte der Klient.

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Hilft es, seinen Geburtstag nicht zu feiern, in der Hoffnung, dass man so nicht altert? Vermutlich nicht. Warum mein Klient das trotzdem seit Jahren so hielt, lesen oder hören Sie hier.

Hören Sie mehr dazu auf diesem Podcast.

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Bitte bewerten Sie diesen Podcast. Danke.

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  • Jane Painter
    April 06, 2020, 21:02
    I am staying 29 for the next 10 years! Ha! Then I still stay 39 for the 10 after that!

  • Tim Post
    April 06, 2020, 21:12
    Birthdays are a blessing! Another year of life!

  • roofing contractor
    April 18, 2020, 22:01
    I get this for sure! I want to stay young and act younger than my age!

  • drywall contractor
    April 18, 2020, 22:10
    Embrace your true age! Unless you are over 100- in which case you cannot play with Legos anymore:(

  • Patio
    May 10, 2020, 16:35
    I am young at heart and I always will be. That thought process will keep me young through out the rest of my years

  • Patio
    May 10, 2020, 16:36
    I totally relate to this!

  • roof installation service
    May 21, 2020, 05:36
    Don't know why but when I read the first stanza:
    Does it help not to celebrate your birthday in the hope that you won't age like that? Probably not. You can read or hear here why my client has held this for years.

    I just cracked lol.
    Thanks it was a great time reading your post.

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